Product Feature: Compression by 2XU

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 5.24.03 PM

You work hard at your training. So, your gear should do work for you, too.

Today’s product feature is compression gear by 2XU. “Why compression,” you ask.

Well, because of 2XU’s graduated compression fabric, their clothing actually improves circulation, resulting in faster warm-ups and recoveries. And, the fabric contains your muscles, reducing muscle vibration during activity, which reduces muscle fatigue and soreness.

And, guess what? 2XU compression socks and sleeves also come in a variety of fun colors, now! Check it out…Pick some up for your favorite athlete for the holidays (and gift a pair for yourself, too).

About chriskfit

Christine Kwok is the founder of Balanced Strength, Inc., a fitness and wellness consulting company that specializes in customized, creative and comprehensive health solutions for individuals, corporations and community. She has worked with executives, weekend warriors, elite athletes, pregnant mothers, special populations, and other fitness professionals. She shares her passion and experience through her company and ActivEntrepreneur-Los Angeles, an active networking organization that she leads in Los Angeles, CA.
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