My car was broken into.  Again.  That’s the 3rd time since I moved to L.A.  When I first discovered it, I started to take stock of what was taken.  I had already learned to take my valuables into the house with me when I got home, so not much was missing: a cheap pair of sunglasses, a notebook, and a flashlight.  Why do they always take the flashlight?  Then I thought, “What was in my trunk?”  My swim bag was.

NOOO!  My Sables were in there!  NOT MY SABLES!

“What’s the big deal?” you might ask. “They’re just goggles.”

The Sable Optics RS 101 Competition Swim Goggles have aspherical, precision optic lens which makes vision incredibly clear.   They are even be made to fit your prescription if you don’t wear contacts.  The inside of the lens is coated with an anti-fog layer which requires a little care to protect and maintain, but it actually works.  The frame has a sleek, low-profile design for superior hydrodynamics and the lenses come in 4 mirrored coatings and 2 tinted options.  The silicon gasket is minimal and precise.  It allows for a comfortable fit, or so I thought.

When I first tried them out, I couldn’t get these pricey goggles to fit.  I thought it was my half-Italian nose – much too wide.  I had installed the biggest nose bridge included in the packaging and even called Sable in search of a larger one.  I tried stretching the nose bridge with a vise and a pair of pliers, but the resilient plastic kept going back to the original size.  I had even tried wearing them upside down.

Finally, I tried lowering where the strap wraps around the back of my head.  With the straps just above my ears, the ends of the frame weren’t being pulled up and the inside of the frame wasn’t pinching the bridge of my nose.  The silicon gasket makes a great, comfortable seal so the straps are best left just loose enough to hold the goggles on – not to crank them back into your eye sockets.  For a low profile goggle, these are remarkably comfortable.

After so much work invested in getting the fit right, I was sad to lose them.

The advantage of having such a high clarity lens quickly becomes clear (pun intended).  Sighting while swimming in open water is simplified greatly when you can actually see.  Water beads off the outside of the lens quickly when you raise your vision to spot landmarks.  In the pool, finding the second hand on an analog clock is quick and easy.  Additionally, for me, having a crisp, clear view of the tiles on the bottom of the pool is instantly calming.  The whole package has such a light feel to it that it  will change your whole swimming experience.

Ask someone about their Sables and you’ll think they are exaggerating.  People love these goggles for a reason.   But do yourself a favor, take them into the house with you when you get home from your swim session.


For more info check out website: Sable Optics Swim Goggles


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