Product Review: Vittoria Zaffiro Pro Home Trainer Tire

I’ve used my fair share of tires from all sorts of brands; Serfas, Hutchinson (NEVER AGAIN!), Bontrager, Continental, etc. Nowadays, I stick to the Continental Grand Prix 4000S tires. Unfortunately, the tires go to waste as the majority of my rides take place on my indoor trainer. On the rare occasion that I get to go outside and play, they’re amazing! The majority of the time, however, the rear tire gets worn down too quickly from the heat and friction of the metal drum, rolling and humming along as I go through my intervals. And don’t forget, riding on the indoor trainer is LOUD. I don’t want to spend $74.98 per high-quality tire if it’s just going to be used on the trainer. For the trainer, I want a tire that will last long, offers reduced noise, quickly disperses heat, and is easy to take off and put on the wheel so I can switch back and forth between it and my GP 4000s tire. Fortunately for me, we have a tire that fit the description.

The Vittoria Zaffiro Pro Home Trainer tire is designed solely to be ridden on rollers or a turbo trainer. It uses a special compound and tread on a 26 TPI casing that helps it reduce noise and disperse heat.

When I used this tire for the first time, I felt it was actually the easiest time I’ve ever had trying to get a folded tire on my wheels. Once I put my bike on the trainer, I did notice a reduced amount of noise. I wasn’t sure how to test the heat, so once I had finished my workout, I checked the tire. It was warm, but not as warm as when I used a regular tire.

Another thing I really liked about this tire is I do not get the same “squeaking” sound that I did with my GP4000S tires. Accelerating does not feel as “slippery” as it did on the other tires, too.

This was a relatively easy review to write. I dig this tire. It mounts easy, allows me to watch stuff on my laptop and actually hear what is going on, and I don’t have to worry about wasting money on a very expensive tire.

If you’d like to pick one up for yourself, stop by the shop, give us a call, or go online to order one. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.

Thanks for reading!




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