Introducing the Newton MV3 and EnergyNR!

A few months ago, the staff at Triathlon LAB met with a Newton rep to discuss a few of their new shoes. Today, we’ve received the shoes!

Introducing the Newton MV3 and the EnergyNR!


Newton MV3 for Men and Women

This is a straight-up, no-frills speed shoe. Weighing in at 5.4 oz, this is a really light shoe, and its evolution from the MV2 shows Newton’s dedication to giving the customer the best shoe they possibly can.


The toebox on the MV2 is higher up, which took a bit of getting used to. The MV3 allows for a more seamless transition to these fast racing shoes. The MV3 uses Newton’s 2nd Generation Action/Reaction Technology in the mid-foot, giving a more comfortable, efficient stride than before. The upper mesh is highly breathable and fast drying, and its seamless construction feels great when running without socks. Oh, and it comes with a built-in anti-friction, antibacterial sock liner. This shoe is great for short or mid distance racing and weekly speed workouts.

EnergyNR for Men and Women

The EnergyNR is designed to meet the needs of runners who want to experience the unique technology and platform found in Newton shoes, but may not want be willing to drop $175 for a pair of Motion or Gravity. The EnergyNR offers a seamless transition from a typical running shoe to the unique style of Newton. For those who already love their Newton shoes but don’t want to walk around in their racers, the EnergyNR makes for a great casual shoe, too.

The Newton MV3 and EnergyNR shoes are available now! We currently only have them in the Redondo Beach store, but Santa Monica should be receiving their own sometime next week. If you can’t make it to either store, the MV3’s and the EnergyNR’s, as well as the rest of the Newton racing line, can be found at the Triathlon LAB website. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us, or shoot me an email at

Thanks for reading!


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