Product Spotlight: Hydration Options from Nathan Sports!

Popular with the casual 5k runner up to the experienced ultramarathon racer, Nathan Sports offers a wide variety of products to help you carry your nutrition and hydration during training runs and races. Let’s go over a few of them, shall we?



The Quickdraw Plus is one of the user-friendliest handheld bottle carriers on the market. Coming with a fully adjustable handstrap and thumbhole, the Quickdraw Plus allows you to run without having to worry about grip. The zippered, expandable pocket can carry your phone, keys, money, food, and more. The bottle is easy to squeeze, too!

IMGP0563The Quickdraw Plus Insulated is the same as the regular Quickdraw Plus, but comes with Nathan Sports’  revolutionary 20 oz. “Fire and Ice” bottle, which helps keep your water nice and cool for your longest, hottest runs.



No, not the bike company.

Trek by Nathan Sports offers a hands-free option for those who are looking to carry a bit more in terms of supplies, but still only want one water bottle. The fully insulated pocket for your water bottle keeps your drink cool, and is at an angle to allow easy withdrawal. The zippered pocket is weather-resistant, and the moisture-wicking padded back panel will help keep the stuff inside the pocket dry.



For those who only want to carry a lot of water, and for those seeking an alternative to that “other” company that offers a backpack with a bladder, the Minimist carries just what you need and nothing more. Constructed with lightness in mind, the Minimist is made with lightweight materials, including a bladder that holds up to 1.5L of water. The front pocket can carry a phone and some other necessary “close at hand” items, and the rear zippered storage allows you to carry a few other necessities. The mesh shoulder straps and back panel help channel air across skin and help wick moisture away for maximum breathability and temperature control.



This is a high performance hydration vest great for trail runs and long distance runs. It sits high on the back off your waist, and gives you plenty of hydration and food storage space. The fit is snug, to help reduce bounce while running. The shoulder straps fit comfortably across the shoulders and are made from a breathable mesh material. This vest comes with dual zipper openings with a velcro flap so that the 2L bladder does not need to be removed for refilling! The contoured back panel helps keep you comfortable. The water-resistant pill pocket allows you to keep your endurolytes or drink mix/tablets within easy reach, and the front mesh pocket and zippered pocket will keep other essentials close at hand.

And the biggest shocker of this hydration vest? When dry, it only weighs 11 oz! That thing is super lightweight!

If you’re considering getting into hiking or ultrarunning, or if you are looking for a new hydration option for your mountain biking, we’ve got the Nathan Sports products to keep you happy. We carry a whole bunch of other Nathan Sports products, too! Feel free to order online, give us a call, pop by our Redondo Beach or Santa Monica locations, or shoot me an email at if you would like to get some Nathan Sports products!

Thanks for reading!


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