Signs of a Good Workout

Last night, I inflated my bike tires to proper PSI, filled my water bottles, and put my bike on the trainer for some intervals. About 15 minutes in, the workout started to get easier. Confused, I step off the bike, and see that my rear tire has gone flat.

Was I suffering so badly, that in a fit of panic, my bike cried for mercy and popped its rear tire?


Okay, probably not. But that got me thinking, on how deep of a scale of suffering do we grade our workouts? How much hurting do we have to go through for us to consider a workout a “success?” I don’t know about you, but if I’m not sore the morning after an intense workout, I feel like I did something wrong.

But I suppose you would expect to feel like that if you were attempting to get stronger at something. If you were working on technique, you may not want to be as intense; if you go too hard, you lose your technique. That rule really goes for every kind of workout.

And how do you feel right after the workout? Do you always go for the feeling of “jello legs” when you get off the bike? Or if you workout early in the morning, do you want to save yourself a little for the day ahead? That also adds another question: do you prefer to workout during the day or the evening?

We haven’t even talked about stretching, yet.

In the end, all that matters is that you made the effort and completed the workout. If your goal was to practice a certain swim stroke, or to work on pedaling perfect circles, or you just wanted to fool around and do some fartlek, you got out there and you did it.

So what do you prefer? Day or night? Do you stretch before AND after? What works for you to help you bust through a plateau? Thanks for reading!



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One Response to Signs of a Good Workout

  1. bgddyjim says:

    Evening, I don’t do jello legs till century season starts and then only once or twice a week (or when I vacation in the mountains – I LOVE climbing on my bike and will absolutely mess myself up at least three times that week just to climb).

    That said, this is a great post. Thanks for getting me to think about It.

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