The Best Part of a Triathlon

This week in the shop, a customer was having a conversation with us about the best part of a triathlon. For them, the best part was the run, as they got bored during the swim and the bike. On the run, they explained that they can zone out, just put one foot in front of the other and not have to worry about it. With the bike and swim, if you didn’t pay attention, you and others could get seriously hurt.

My co-worker and I couldn’t believe it. You have to pay attention during all three! Also, the BIKE is the best part of triathlon! It is clearly the most fun. The exhilaration of  the speed, the wind in your face and hair, the perfect blend of seeing different scenery over time! And don’t forget the game of cat and mouse you play with the person who is cycling just slightly faster than you are! Not like the swim; the ocean is full of sharks, squid, octopi, piranhas, and Godzilla.

On the bike, food can be eaten; unlike with the swim, where you can be eaten (Godzilla gets hungry, too!). No, the swim is not the most fun.

Neither is the run. It’s too slow; you can’t outrun velociraptors with just your feet, but you at least have a fighting chance on a bike. Running can’t cool you down the way that cycling does, with the wind flowing all over your body. At least with a swim, water can cool you down, as long as you don’t worry about Godzilla.

Just at that moment, I remembered a photo I saw on the parody website, The Onion:


The best part of triathlon is all the splashing at the start!

What about you? Which is your favorite part of triathlon? Which is the best? Do you worry about piranhas and raptors and Godzilla, or do you use them as motivation to swim/bike/run a little faster?

Thanks for reading!


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2 Responses to The Best Part of a Triathlon

  1. I was going to say the swim, because I’m best at the swim, but now I’m going to have to go with all the splashing right before the washing machine mosh pit that is the mass swim start. (I also like the mass start, probably because I like mosh pits and I’m comfortable in the water.)

  2. Yes, it really can be just like a mosh pit! LOL

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