Upcoming Triathlons and the Return of the Blog!

We’re bringing back the blog, and we’d like your help! We will be posting all sorts of things on this blog, like recipes, race reports, tech reviews, swimming/cycling/running news, etc. If you’d like to contribute to the Triathlon LAB blog, shoot me an email at Chris@TriathlonLAB.com and we may use your post! We’d also like to do an “Ask the Wrench” session, where we ask your questions to our mechanic and he answers them here on our blog. Just like with guest posts, please submit any questions to us at Chris@triathlonlab.com.

So, today is Monday, and hopefully everyone got a good workout in during the weekend. Make sure to take this week nice and slow, to taper for this weekend’s festivities!

This weekend we have two highly anticipated triathlons in southern California! Hey, who knows, you might be doing both of them!

First off, we have the Los Angeles Championship and & Tri Express Triathlon Series on June 8th, 2013 (trievents.com). The Championship event offers an olympic distance course, while the Tri Express offers a shorter, “sprintier” route. The last triathlon in this series took place on April 7th, and the one and only Chris McCormack raced the event. Of course, after the event Chris was at the TriLAB booth signing autographs, taking pictures with fans, and just being an all-around great guy.

The day after, on June 9th, is our hometown triathlon, the Redondo Beach Triathlon (http://www.rbtriathlon.com/). The Redondo Beach Triathlon offers a sprint and a mini-sprint option for racing, so it is perfect for people doing their first triathlon. This was actually the first triathlon I’d ever done, way back in 2011! I hope to see a lot of you out there, both first-timers and veterans, having a great time!

If you are doing a triathlon this weekend, good luck! Enjoy your tapering off, stay hydrated, and get ready to have some fun!


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