Get Skechers Go Run at Triathlon LAB

ImageHere’s a review of the Skechers GoRun shoes from our very own Carly…

I should probably start this review with the caveat that I am sponsored by Skechers. But, I chose the partnership after first trying the shoe for a month.

The GOrun is a low-drop (4mm) natural run shoe with wide forefoot, super flexible sole and nice cushioning. The midsole is engineered to give feedback to the feet and the lightweight shoe makes it easy for the legs to respond. I’ve been working on my run stride recently, and the shoes perform best with a neutral, midfoot strike, so that’s been a good pairing. The cushioning in the mid-foot allows for runs up to 13 miles (for me) in relative comfort.

The roomy forefoot is also worth mentioning. I can spread my toes wide, wiggle them around and use them to propel off the road, minimizing the time on the ground. To enhance the benefits of a minimal shoe, and avoid injuries, it’s important to train your feet, legs and core to be stable and strong. Within excessive stability coming from the shoe, the feet and legs have more work to do, and must be able to handle it. To that end, learning foot strengthening drills, plyometrics and running form drills has been extremely useful to maximize the benefit of the lightweight shoes.

I’ve run a PR for a off-the-bike 5k and 10k this season with these shoes, and also an open half marathon. That works for me!

About Triathlon LAB

We are a triathlon retail store committed to providing excellent service to our community of beginner to professional triathletes.
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