TriLAB Mike’s Adventure in Training Using Science

Over the past few weeks, I’ve posted some blog entries about my new training approach in my build
towards Ironman 70.3 Oceanside. My training, with the guidance of Coach Gareth, has taken on a much more refined and scientific approach. I started off with lab testing at the TRIO Performance Lab, and I am now in my 3rd week of a training program based on the results. The first 2 weeks were filled with a variety of workouts and Week 3 is a recovery and testing week. The testing during Week 3, is field testing. Think swimming a 4×400 time trial on 1 min rest, biking a hill for 45 minutes in a specific heart rate zone while recording the distance and running on a treadmill for a specific time period at a specific speed and recording the average heart rate. All field tests must be repeatable in order to be of any use. I will repeat testing every 3 weeks as indicators of progress between quarterly lab tests.

One of the things that I’ve noticed about my training program is that although each 2-3 week block is
focused on specific physiological adaptation (general conditioning, strength, endurance, etc…), within
each week I am hitting a variety of intensities in each sport. For example, most Monday mornings are
high intensity bike workouts on the indoor trainer, followed by a transition run of 10-20 minutes of med/hard intensity. These workouts hit entirely different systems from my long bike rides on Saturdays that tend to be in the lower aerobic zone or my speed workout in the pool on Friday afternoons that tends to send my heart rate up towards my VO2 max…particularly when I’m splitting a lane in the warm pool at SMC with superstar swimmers like TriLab’s Carly & Christine. It’s all about mixing intensities while maintaining an overall focus for each training block. If your focus is aerobic development, you should spend most of your time developing efficiency in that particular zone, but some time should still be spent hitting some lactate threshold intensities and above as well.

If you’re looking for some variety to your base training workouts over the holidays, I’ve included two of my recent favorites to help you hit some various intensities during the holidays. The second workout will be posted in a couple of days, so keep your eyes open.

Mike’s Monday Brick Workout:

Wake up at an unholy hour of the morning, I like 4:15am. Start by eating some fruit and a Bonk Breaker Bar and fill up your water bottle with some Fluid Performance Drink Passion Fruit Tea w/Caffeine. Get your music going, I like Death Cab for Cutie for the warm up Adele for the drills and then Rise Against for the main-set intervals.

On an indoor bike trainer…

1) Warm up 10 min
2) Mixed Drills (single leg, high cadence) 10 min
3) Main Set 8×5 min at Steady State Threshold Pace on 1 min rest (think Olympic Distance Race
Pace, legs are searing, panting like a fat dog, it hurts pretty bad, very uncomfortable)

Fast Transition to running shoes, either outside or on a treadmill

4) Run 15-20 min at a pace above your Lactate Threshold but below your Steady State Threshold

Pace (think breathing heavy, not conversational, it burns quite a bit but not vomit-inducing

…stretch and drink some Chocolate Fluid Recovery Drink (available at

Total: 80-90 minutes

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  1. John says:

    Keep it up

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