Swim Workout

In case you are bored with some of your swim workouts, here is one from TriLAB Christine’s library…

Warm-up: 200 m swim
2 x 100 kick, no kick board–back, R side, L side, back
4 x 100 drill/swim–50 drill of your choice, 50 swim

Main set:  5 x 200 N/S each 50 (Negative split each 50. Each 50 should be about 1 second faster than the last), 20 second rest
45 sec rest
5 x 100 N/S each 25, 10 sec rest
45 sec rest
5 x 50 build-up, 10 sec rest
30 sec rest
5 x 25 fast, 5 sec rest
125 kick on your back, no kickboard

Cool-down: 200 swim EZ, your choice

Total distance = 3000 meters


About Triathlon LAB

We are a triathlon retail store committed to providing excellent service to our community of beginner to professional triathletes.
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