Base-Training into Threshold Training Workout

No lying down allowed during the off-season! Photo courtesy of Shiggy Ichinomiya.

‘Tis the season for base training!

For a lot of triathletes, that means long and boring workouts in “heart rate prison”.  For others, that may mean absolutely nothing!

The following workout can be adapted for both types of triathletes:

Warm-up ~ 7-10 minutes easy dynamic swim, bike, or jog warm-up

Pre-set ~ Swim – 4 x 75 swim, kick, drill (your choice of drill)*

Bike – 5 x (20 sec. right leg only, 20 sec. left leg only, 20 sec. both leg spin)

Run – 4 x strides, 20 seconds (your goal is to have your right foot strike the ground at least 30 times); skip to return to starting position

Main set* ~ Swim- 200m sets: 25 m hard exertion, 175 m easy-medium; Rest 1 min.

Bike – 15 seconds hard exertion (about 8.5 on a scale 0f 1-10 rate of perceived exertion (RPE)), back off pace and continue bike interval for 3.5 minutes. Recovery 2 min. spin.

Run – 15 seconds run uphill (approx 2-3% grade), jog on a flat for 3.5 minutes.  Recovery – 1-2 min walk.

In threshold training, the 3.5 minutes should feel like an exertion of 7-8, despite being at a slower pace.

In base training phase, the initial “hard” interval should feel like an RPE around 6-7, the interval following should feel like fairly comfortable around 4-5. The goal is that interval is to watch your heart rate, use breath control to prevent your heart rate from going above your zone 3.

Repeat 3-5 times, time permitting.

* The adaptations for swim, bike and run are listed.

Enjoy!!! Please feel free to comment below with your favorite workout!

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