Water, water everywhere…how to drink a drop?

Afraid to reach for your water bottle, while biking?

Or, maybe you can’t afford to come out of your perfect aerodynamic position?

We have a new option in hydration systems for you.

Speedfil A2

The Speedfil A2 Hydration System

Inviscid Design has just come out with their A2 system. This system, as pictured above, turns your standard threaded water bottle into an aero, easy-to-sip, component when coupled with X-Lab’s torpedo mount or Profile Design’s HC Mount. It has various rings that makes the top and straw compatible with any of your favorite 21-24 ounce water bottles. Having been wind-tunnel tested, the A2 won’t compromise speed for hydration or vice versa. You can even take advantage of a deal we have online, packaging the torpedo mount, cage, and A2 system.

For other ideas in the world of bike hydration, check out our Hydration and Food Storage page.

About Triathlon LAB

We are a triathlon retail store committed to providing excellent service to our community of beginner to professional triathletes.
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