Michellie Jones’ Racing and Training Lessons

Tonight, we are honored to have Michellie Jones in our store to share her experience as the winningest athlete in the sport of triathlon. She is telling her captured audience, “your nutrition can make or break your race…mind is willing, but it won’t stop your body from breaking down.” The latter she shares after showing the famous collapse then crawl-to-the-finish between Wendy Ingraham and Paula Newby-Fraser, just feet from the chute.

She advises all athletes to use electrolytes, both to prevent cramping and ensure fluid absorption. Also, it is important to consume various forms of carbohydrate, depending on the duration of your event. Gatorade, her preferred training and racing fuel has various forms of sugar that are on “time-release”–the varying sugars become effective at different times after consuming it.

Ms. Michellie Jones knows her stuff. Easily, we call her the winningest triathlete in the sport: Ironman World Champion, Olympic Silver Medalist, 2x ITU World Champion, 2x ITU World Cup Champion, Xterra World Champion, 3x Ironman Champion, 12 ITU World cup Victories, 8 ITU World Championship Medals, 8x Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon Champion, 7x Chicago Triathlon Champion, 7x St Anthony’s Triathlon Champion, and 10x San Diego International Triathlon.

She can’t stress enough that it doesn’t matter how hard your train, if you don’t fuel appropriately, you’ll run out of gas.

(By the way, she tells us it’s better to win the silver medal because it’s solid silver…gold medalists get gold-plated medals…)


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