Bike Intervals from Robert Keating

Triathlon LAB guru Robert Keating is a powerhouse on the bike. He gains his strength from workouts like the one described below:

Find a safe stretch of road that is almost flat for at least one mile. “Your interval efforts may become extreme, and it is best to stay clear of other cyclists, lest you run them down, ” says Robert.

Warm-up – Begin cycling at a comfortable effort of 40% of your maximum exertion, approximately 10 minutes.

Workout set – Shift to your highest gear on a flat road (or if on an incline, a gear that requires more effort on your legs than your body weight to push the pedals down), stand up and pedal at an effort of 75 to 85 %, getting the greatest range of motion (using heel drop and raise), while using hands, arms, lower back, and gluteals to transfer maximal effort. Maintain this effort for approximately one-half mile.

Recover one-half mile. Shift to a gear that allows you 55% exertion at a fast cadence (above 90 RPM).

Repeat 5-8 times, time allowing.

Incorporate this bike workout into your training regimen, and watch the time tick off your splits!

About Triathlon LAB

We are a triathlon retail store committed to providing excellent service to our community of beginner to professional triathletes.
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