Your Own Bike Trainer Workout

Most of you can’t make it to our 12 Weeks to More Power on the Bike on Wednesdays, at 6 pm. That’s probably because you are reading about our events in a town not within Los Angeles County.

On those days that you care to turn off your television and actually focus on the work you’re putting in the saddle on your bike trainer, you can try Jim Lubinski’s homework that he passed out after last Wednesday’s workout. Jim is one of our Triathlon LAB-sponsored triathletes, who leads our “Train Like a Pro” workout on those Wednesdays we are missing you.

Join us virtually with this workout…

60 min Trainer Workout

  • 5 minute easy warm up
  • 5 x (30 sec spin up(90+ rpm, light resistance on the pedals), 30 sec easy)
  • 3 x(30 sec right leg only, 30 sec both legs, 30 sec left leg only, 30 sec both legs)-
    90 rpm, light resistance on the pedals
  • 4 min easy

Main Set:

10 x (1 minute sprints w/ 2 minutes easy between each)

Build into these, but they are all out efforts, 100+ rpm

10 minute cool down

About Triathlon LAB

We are a triathlon retail store committed to providing excellent service to our community of beginner to professional triathletes.
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