Workout Wednesday: Recover Right!

Triathlon LAB has hosted LA Sports Massage in foam rolling clinics.

You train hard. You race hard. You play hard. Hmmm… When do you recover?

More often than not, the answer is not nearly enough. We spend so much time to make sure our output will be up to speed (pun intended) come race day. However, we sometimes forget that our bodies need to be able to meet the challenge.

One easy way to ensure your body will be able to meet the challenge is to incorporate recovery workouts into your weekly workout routine.

Start with some mysofascial release–foam rolling, massage stick (we carry t-roller and you’ll frequently find staff using them in-store), or other firm device (we LOVE Trigger Point, and you get yours by clicking here). After you have warmed up with rolling, stretch. If you still feel fatigued and/or stiff, you can further work out the kinks with active recovery. A couple of examples are going for a very easy swim (intensity is comparable to splashing around in a wading pool) or bike ride (keep your TT bike home for this one), spinning on the trainer while catching up with your DVR.

Your body makes the greatest gains during recovery, so let your body do just that.

This blog was contributed by  TriLAB Christine, who spends most of her days as a fitness and wellness coach.


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