Leaner, Faster, Lubinski

Jim “Lube” Lubinski was once a 210-pound ice jockey player. He is now a 180-pound professional triathlete.

How did Jim make the change from power athlete to a powerful endurance athlete?

In one word, it is perseverance.

He shares with us that he hasn’t had to change much regarding the food he eats, but his training has changed dramatically. In his words:

“​I have been cranking out hours on the trainer like it’s my job, oh wait, it is, and I am finally treating it like it. I have been hammering out thousands of yards in the pool and making huge gains, and I have been constantly setting new PR’s in my half marathon time…

The gains I am making are visible and this keeps me invigorated. I am treating my body like a high performance machine, and I am consistent in my training. And that is what I am saying, stay consistent and act successful. If you are consistent in your workouts and put all of your love and effort into them, you will get to where you want to be (or stay there). RACE HARD!”

About Triathlon LAB

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