TriLAB Carly’s Favorite Swim from Coach Gerardo

Gerardo Barrios of Fortius Coaching is a coach who carries USAT Level 1, USA Cycling Level 2, and ASCA Swimming Level 2 certifications . He coaches a large group of athletes in the Los Angeles area, one of whom is our very own TriLAB Carly.

He recently gave her the following workout for her base-building phase:

Warm-up (each interval increases in intensity, to moderate-high)

3 x 100 swim, 50 kick

Main set (varied pace continuous 200s)

  1. 100 easy (E), 50 moderate (M), 50 fast (F); 10 seconds rest
  2. 50 E, 100 M, 50 F; 20 seconds rest
  3. 50 E, 50 M, 100 F; 30 seconds rest
  4. 100 F, 50 E, 50 M; 20 seconds rest
  5. 50 F, 100 E, 50 M; 10 seconds rest
  6. 50 F, 50 E, 100 M; 60 seconds rest
    Repeat as time and fitness allows.


300 easy, interspersed with drills


About Triathlon LAB

We are a triathlon retail store committed to providing excellent service to our community of beginner to professional triathletes.
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